Wednesday, April 28

Monthly Music Recommendation

I say monthly, but...who knows? Any shit, I stumbled upon a gem when I was perusing youtube. I was actually looking for that college choir that covers indie songs (they make guitar sounds and all). I still didn't find them. Does anyone have a clue who they are? [Update: Off the Beat] But this is what I did find:

A kid's choir cover of Listzomania by Phoenix.
If you don't like kids just skip this one.

If you have been caught up in the recent Phoenix boom, do peep the steez. The first is "1901" in front of the Eiffel Tower. The second is "Listzomania" on the ride to the Eiffel Tower riding atop a double decker bus.

And here's the aforementioned "Gem". A string quartet covering the whole "Deloused in the Comatorium" as well as the three songs off of the "Tremulant EP" from The Mars Volta. If you're not currently in the know, The Mars Volta and Sparta are the split offspring of At The Drive-In. (Also, Sparta has updated their sound...what do you think? hmmm.)

So this TMV cover is really, well, exciting. Granted, this Vitamin String Quartet doesn't play the full 7 and 12 minute length songs that TMV has in this two album span. But the four stringed instruments combine to mimic Cedric's vocals, the guitar and rhythm, and even the bass. It's like that beautiful opus that made us all very, very scared of drugs in Requiem for a Dream. The sound ranges from a seductive bossa nova take on Inertiatic ESP to a cover of Drunkship of Lanterns reminiscent of Animal Collective and Dj Spooky. Or maybe, their is no spin at all and the sound is all just Mars Volta's weird style still shining through a stripped down cover.

If you aren't in the know about the real The Mars Volta sound, well, I will put my surprise on hold and offer their can stream a few new songs (although not quite the punch of previous albums). Still, it's quite different from the String Quartet's version.

This string quartet has supposedly covered around 232 albums so far including Tool, Tupac, AFI and even MJ. They have quite a discography.

Also, if you haven't played in sync with a few of your favorite songs, you're missing out.
Christ, why did N'Sync have to ruin that expression for everyone?
How about some others band names that hurt to hear?

"Here, your change is a NICKLEBACK."
"I have a real SIMPLE PLAN."
Or any reference to a SLIPKNOT.
I also avoid using the words CREED or EVANESCANCE.

I hope you all have horrible days now. I feel like a guy who just remembered all the shitty songs stuck in his head from the day before.

I'd like to leave you with this new series that interviews people that make music from weird sounds.
Sound Builders on the band Peaking Lights.


  1. There is a You Tube Vid of a dude that turns anything at all into a theramin. amazing to watch, I may have caught it on yayeveryday,thanks for that recommendation Dan, or Utne Reader .

  2. Kinda like Amy Lee's career:
    ev·a·nesce (ěv'ə-něs')intr.v. ev·a·nesced, ev·a·nesc·ing, ev·a·nesc·es
    To dissipate or disappear like vapor.
    See Synonyms at disappear.
    [Latin ēvānēscere, to vanish : ē-, ex-, ex- + vānēscere, to disappear (from vānus, empty; see euə- in Indo-European roots).]
    ev'a·nes'cence n.


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