Tuesday, March 20

The highs and lows of Japanese commercials

Here's a hilarious advertisement for the Ajinomoto Stadium for Japan soccer from 2004. It's called "Husky Women".

SPOILER ALERT: I'm pretty sure I saw this while in Japan. If you can follow the subs while watching the video, it's pretty funny. My favorite part was the chorus singing "Ave Maria" if you could make that out.

Now, I would love to make some broad sweeping comment praising the ingenuity of Japanese commercials. But, that is something I simply cannot do. Especially when every fifth commercial resembles this nonsensical attempt at advertising.

So the banana man is a new student and he's so happy he can get a lot of friends. But tomorrow, he's on to a new school. Where the H was he flying off to at the end? and how?

I have not come to fully understand Japanese humor. Some J-humor is hilarious and I get it while some just leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. I guess that goes for just about any country's humor. This sometimes even follows for individual comedians. Zack Galifianakis has some hilarious stuff and then some stuff that makes me feel awkward--awkward for him and everyone else watching it. Again, maybe some of his stuff is just something I'll understand later.

But, probably not.


  1. My favorite are the BOSS Coffee commercials with Tommy Lee Jones playing an alien who is attempting to assimilate into Japanese life.

    They all have a cultural significance and are all hilarious. They are funny on a secondary level too, because there are a lot of puns made in the language of the CMs. Puns are rare in Japanese, which is what sets these CMs apart from all others, imho. They are actually very sophisticated in terms of writing. And I think that translates to better humor.

    1. Hmm, I'm not sure If I see the unusual "pun" side of the commercials but maybe that's because I've been re-Americanized for like 8 months. I do like the CMs though. I saw TLJ on a Boss vending machine in Japan and did a double take. I even uploaded it to my mobile uploads on FB. haha

  2. I forgot, here's the link to the collection of zany BOSS Coffee CMs I have collected.



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