Saturday, March 24

Japan and a few others reppin' at Adfest

Thailand hosted the 15th Asia Pacific Advertising Festival (ADFEST) from March 18-20, 2012. The festival could best be described as a TED Event for advertising. Each of the commercials/items below speak for them self. Enjoy.

China: "Keyboard of Isolation"
by nonprofit Family Care For Grassroots Community 
won  Grand Prix in the Outdoor category 


South Korea - "The Origins of Pizza"
by Mr. Pizza / Addict Media in Seoul
won Film Craft Award

Japan - "Taxi"
by Japanese department store Sakae
a Gold Winner in film category

Australia - "Breakup"
by National Australia Bank / Clemenger BBDO Melbourne
won Lotus 360 Award 

And last but certainly not least: 

 Japan - "Design Nori"
by Umino Seaweed / I&S BBDO
won Best of Show in design category

These of course are all made out of dried seaweed (just like normal sushi) but cut with new technology. The patterns are classic Japanese designs. The project is intended to convey happiness, long life, respect for the past and hopes for the future in the wake of the Match 2011 Tsunami (source).

Hemp design

Tortoise Shells

Tortoise Shell pattern

Water drop

Cherry Blossom

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