Sunday, March 11

Japan invents a speech-stopping gun

Two scientists in Japan have invented a "speech-jamming" gun to stop a person mid-sentence. Although it's called a gun, its no more harmful than a police radar gun. The gun picks up what a person is saying with a directional microphone and repeats it back the person with a directional speaker.

The gun has a 0.2 second delay which seems to be the perfect amount of time to confuse your mind. The gun currently works on subjects up to 30 meters away and although it will stop words, it won't stop other oral sounds.

Imagine instead using a parabolic microphone at a football game, using on of these speech jamming guns during a key play when the coach has to relay a play to the quarterback.

And, well doesn't this kind of violate free speech?

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  1. This could be pretty scary for government officials, right?

  2. Potentially, I'm guessing it could be pretty annoying. Maybe government heads will have to address the public from pope-mobiles after this gun becomes popular.


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