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Japanese architects make house with slide

If you're two lazy, you can just slide down two stories.

The LEVEL Architects are a group who try to help construct a client's vision. Well that's what it says on their website. The head honchos at LEVEL Architects, Kazuki Nakamura and Kenichi Izuhara have been building people's dreams since 2004.

Up or down?

This dream house (which they must have hijacked from my 5-year-old self's dreams) includes everything a family with kids could want. In fact, I've imagined slides from my second story window right to our backyard pool...and I was sure the angle would work. The only problem was the water supply which I'm sure I had worked out at some point.

"Honey, go slide and pick your favorite bedtime story."

These guys are no two-piece business; the minimum price for a layout design is three thousand dollars (depending on the JP/US exchange rate). But I guess that's what dreams cost.

Curved for their pleasure.

Kazuki Nakamura and Kenichi Izuhara comment on their sliding-board house:

We spent a lot of time trying to figure out the right angle of the slope, best materials for the slide and the ideal construction method of the curved corners where the wall had to be reinforced. The four corners of the building are rounded. The first floor – which accommodates a living-dining area and includes the kitchen – is surrounded by the stairs and the slide (source).

Kentaro, don't run up the slide!

I imagine a dream like this has nothing to do with the architects. They just do all the measuring, use their laser-levels and work out all the bugs. I would have to praise the parents on this one. They are the ones with a vision to really create a child-friendly zone.

Ball pit. Also one of my fantasy rooms.

Child-friendly might be a little too subtle. What I mean is child-cocaine. Will these kids ever learn how to ride a bike or play football? Will they ever want to go outside?

It curves like this.

I could only imagine the black shoe streaks that will soon line the slide walls. And I would imagine there would have to be a no-toy policy on the slide.

Curved bathroom


Entertainment Center



Living room, slide on right

Living room with sofa and fuzzy green Japanese doll.
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  1. Dan this would be your dream home if it were also a tree house somehow. You were the original who came up with the second floor slide to the outside pool! When you have a child, I will buy you the plans.


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