Wednesday, April 18

Chair Hockey semi-finals in Japan

In honor of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, in all its fury and violence, and the Flyers who just tanked in game 4 of the series, I present to you the Pan Asia Aeron Hockey Championship.

The game is basically a testament to the comfort level of one of the highest-end ergonomic business chairs: the Herman Miller Aeron chair. These chairs are pretty amazing if you didn't know, in performance and price. If you poke around enough online you can find the base model for just under $600 (without shipping, of course).

To break it down; it's sitting - like a boss.

Mixing office camaraderie (a la chair-hockey) and a very sleek, yet expensive office chair, you've got yourself one heck of a promotional campaign. Which means more money to make more overpriced chairs.

Ramped up from the office time-waster with makeshift sticks and a paper ball, the Aeron Hockey Championship has an official court, rules, and is complete with real sticks and pucks. I guess when a bunch of business men are playing though, you don't need helmets or face masks...or do you?

Apparently, the Pan Asia Championship includes 9 countries that eventually meet in Hong Kong for the crazy hockey-chair finals. Enough with the preamble; check out the semi-finals for Japan in Tokyo.

 video courtesy of HermanMillerAsia

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  1. I'd play Herman Miller Aeron Hockey for one of those chairs! Looks like great fun.


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