Sunday, April 15

Japanese farmer's incredible "scarecrow"

I love you, Earth! (photo)
Japanese farmers can get pretty intense protecting their crops. I have seen anywhere from school girl scarecrows to freaky mannequin heads on a stick. They even have a funny habit of hanging up old CD's to spin in the wind and reflect sunlight to scare off any invasive vermin.

Mama, these gourds are so big! (photo)

Now, as to whether any of these clever ideas actually works is not information to which I am privy. Watching "Dumbo" has taught me that scarecrows are just another perch for crows to rest.

The oldest known account of a scarecrow from 1300 years ago is actually from Japan (source). My guess is that you don't use something for 1300 years without it working, right?

Here is a peculiar video of a Japanese farmer in Shizuoka who has definitely thought outside of the box to keep his family garden untouched.


Thanks to Softypapa for the upload! Check out his many other travelogue-ish accounts of Japan.

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  1. Wow, 1,300 years! I never knew. That farmer's set-up in Shizuoka is outrageous.


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