Sunday, July 1

Nintendo woodblock prints (part 2) and video

Illustrator Jed Henry, discussed earlier, is making some progress with his work re-imagining Nintendo characters as woodblock prints. I mentioned the complexity of creating one finished piece of work from this method. Each block of wood is carved in a different way to stamp a different color onto the finished product. Scroll to the video at the bottom to see Jed working on just one of the 11 colors in his Mario Kart piece.

Kirby - the finished piece

Pokemon - check out the guy that burnt his hand

Star Fox - Star Fox used to be a bunch of "3D" planes with crappy color (it has come a long way)

Here is the video of Jed Henry in action. Do you think you could make it through 11 woodblock carvings just to add color to one finished product?

Here is the finished Mario Kart piece from the video:

Thanks to Buzzfeed for the update.

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  1. It is exquisite workmanship; I would not have the patience for it.


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