Friday, June 22

Japlish Friday - Ass Man

Now you can say all you want about how the Asians have funny English words and phrases on their shirts unbeknownst to them.

But I'm pretty sure this Japanese guy bought this shirt with some knowledge of the words and their meanings. Maybe, the tight pants will get him the women he wants...the women with the right kind of derrière (because he is a rump connoisseur). Or, maybe his tight pants accentuate his own glutes and he's proud of them. Not that there's anything wrong with either.

For some reason, I'm leaning toward the latter explanation.


  1. If I saw this dude standing in a 7/11, I'd be soooo tempted to slap that ass and shout, Woo!

    And I'm not even gay. It's just something that I'd be obliged, nay, obligated, to do.

  2. He could be a proctologist.

    Ok, maybe not.

  3. Yeah, David, imagine if he has us all fooled...


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