Natsukashii Japan

What I miss from Japan:

Gorgeous island sunsets

Making full meals in a rice cooker

Graffity and their delicious burritos

Doing crazy things with other JETs

Island hopping and photography

Bullet trains
Seeing Fuji-san from said trains. I don't miss climbing it!

Washlet - warm water, heated seat and even a dryer back there

The prevalence of tasteful skirts

Kaitenzushi - cheap sushi that comes right to you

Am I missing anything?


  1. The first time I left Japan I missed the convenience of jidohanbakis. Also, I missed the selection of unsweetened teas they have and all the varieties of coffee.

    I also missed excellent Japanese cuisine which you cannot get in the states.

    I missed short skirts on girls.

    I missed the ridiculous number of official holidays they get which are spread throughout the whole year and seem to help to break up the monotony of the every day grind.

    I greatly missed public transportation. And many more things I am sure.

  2. I'm totally with you on the cuisine, holidays and skirts.


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